Top 7 Tips For Outdoor Hot Tub Maintenance In Winter

Now that winter is over, it is going to be the officially hot tub season. Outdoor hot tubs are the best place to relax & warm up following a long winter season, but before you jump into your tub, there’re some winter specific outdoor hot tub maintenance tips you should keep in mind.

Hot Tub Tip 1:The biggest risk of running your hot tub during the winter season is that water can solidify in the pipework. So, make sure that your outdoor hot tub boasts a freeze protection unit & be certain to turn on it when the climate becomes colder during thenight. This’ll assist to sustain a steady temperature when you aren’t making use of the tub.


Hot Tub Tip 2:If you have a hot tub that does not have a freeze protection system, set the timer to cycle hot water via the pipes & equipment every 10-12 minutes. Don’t forget that the colder the exterior temperature the more often you should run the cycle.

Hot Tub Tip 3: Moreover, keep a close eye on the water level of your hot tub. If the water level is too low, the heater and pump may stop functioning which can make your pipe to freeze.


Hot Tub Tip 4: Make sure that you have a high-quality hot tub cover because a quality cover can help to decrease power consumption all through the winter season.

Hot Tub Tip5: Take away snow from the crest of your hot tub cover in regular interval. The majority of the hot tub cover is not engineered to grasp the extra load of snow. Hence it is wise to keep a careful eye on it all through the winter months.

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Hot Tub Tip 6: A floating thermal blanket that rests on the crest of the water can be an excellent way to decrease your energy expenses during the winter season.

Hot Tub Tip 7: You need to be certain there’s no water in the jet system as well. Employing a wet-dry vacuum through each jet to ensure all water has been blown from the system.

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Keeping the hot tub temperature level constant gives optimum result and so also keeping yourself to a specific time is also good for health.

When your guests arrive, you want your hot tub to be in excellent shape, with a nice, inviting atmosphere. Follow these above-mentioned winter maintenance tips and you will definitely be able to make the most of your outdoor hot tubs. Ensure to have a hot tub that has a freeze protection system built into it.

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