100% Clear Cedar Wood Burning Hot Tubs for Deep Therapeutic Touch

Are you looking for wood burning hot tubs or outdoor hot tubs to feel rejuvenated with the healing and soothing touch of warm water? Do you wish to explore the deep therapeutic powers of warm bath in personal soaking hot tubs?  Would you like to have modern designed hot tubs, each of which can give rise to a unique appeal of your backyard? We are ready to offer a classic range of Western Red Cedar wood fired hot tubs with higher insulation power and greater functionality. The exceptional design and great architectural features of our Redwood hot tubs can’t be matched by plastic tubs. Go through our product line that has been giving tub users effective choices of typical California hot tubs and their modern versions, wood burning hot tubs.  Be sure that the simple and perfect designing our hot tubs along with revolutionary hydro therapy equipments enable the bathers to derive maximum pleasure in a steam soak while still giving them the benefits of a full body massage.

We feature among the world’s famous suppliers of cedar wood hot tubs and Japanese soaking tubs. Our focus is to make the best quality wooden hot tubs using the old styled cooperage craftsmanship with latest advancements in tub making methods and the lasting hot tub accessories and parts.


At Northern Lights, you can always have access to a wide variety of round hot tubs made of Grade A and 100% clear Western Red Cedar. Our tubs have superior functional value, decay resistance quality and sweet aroma – that are all desired by maximum number of steam bathers in this world. With multiple and straight fibrous strands in our hot tubs, water gets soaked into them and help expand the whole structure leading to tight seal of joints and less leakage of water. Again, the absorbent layer of these stands holds heat for long time, leading to high insulation experience all the time. Come and purchase from our cedar wood hot tubs for meeting your bath needs in camps, country homes, mountain or the backyard.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs at Northern Lights reflect a combination of the ancient style of round barrel craftsmanship and the latest standards of tub making technology (CAD and CAM). They come in different sizes, shapes and styles, from 1-2 person hot tubs to large round hot tubs for seating your group or family of 10 persons. With built in heat tolerance and perfectly maintained quality checking standards, all of our wooden tubs are likely to exceed your expectation in every season. To maximize your steam bath experience, plan to buy our cedar tubs today!