Why Choose Cedar Wood Fired Hot Tubs?

It may be your traditional habit to take a hot bath in natural and comfortable cedar wood tub, but there are some special effects that keep people using them especially the wood fired hot tubs which can’t even be matched in beauty or appeal by plastic tubs.

People prefer a cedar made wood burning hot tub for many different reasons. Some of them go in favor of the natural heating effect, cost-effective operation, the beautiful appearance and pleasant smell of the cedar or simply the idea of wood tub bath.

Some of the Cedar wood fired tub users find their tubs therapeutic; while others say they are economical, fun, relaxing and revitalizing. There are a few individuals who say they give a pure and natural soaking experience. The rest of the users accept that it’s something more than all of the above things that make these hot tubs appealing for them.


The cedar wood tubs have great thermal insulation value due to the presence of millions of small air filled cells in it. In fact, the thermal insulating effect of dry wood cells together with the supplied heat retaining cover helps the tub to get insulated properly and keep warm for long time. The temperature of water will still keep warm even in cold winter nights, so all that you need to do is ignite wood fired heater to reach the desirable temperature for your tub bath the next day.

Again, there is no use of electricity to heat up the wooden tub. You can fill it up with timber wood, use it as outdoor hot tubs for five to ten days and then drain out completely.

Reasons for Choosing Wood Fired Hot tubs

  • Cedar wood fired tubs show greater durability and decay resistance. For their thermal insulating properties they can be the perfect choice for tubbing in chilled winters as well as summers. These tubs can serve you continuously for years and look beautiful as they were before.
  • It is the low thermal expansion that enables your cedar wooden tub not to swell, shrink or warp in excess like other wood varieties: spruce, larch etc. So, the changing amount of moisture and temperature has little effect on their shape.
  • Due to the aromatic smell of cedar, these tubs can repel the attack of vermin, insects and moths.
  • And cedar wood fired tubs look elegant and have natural appeal too.

If ever you are seeking for a natural, economic and effective material for your hot tub bath, cedar wood burning items can be the most appropriate choice.

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