5 Advantages of Using External Wood Burning Hot Tubs

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Wood fired hot tubs are popular amongst purists that claim the combination of a wood hot tub and a wood stove ensures a relaxing hot tub soaking experience. Most wood burning hot tubs that are used in rural places have access to enough amount of wood. Certainly, it minimizes the operational costs of using a hot tub.

The wood burning hot tubs utilizes no electricity and there is no forced circulation system present on other jetted hot tubs. Instead, the natural principle of Thermosiphon is used in Northern Lights wood fired hot tubs.

Thermosiphoning is utilized for the circulation of volatile gases and liquids in both heating and cooling applications like water heaters, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. By using Timberline wood hot tubs, the fire heats the water that rises slowly to the top part of the hot tub. The cold water is drawn into the heater to be heated simultaneously. This system offers a natural convection that requires no pump.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs

1. The external wood fired hot tub is present outside the tub. Presence of an internal heater consumes around one-third of the internal space that needs a much larger hot tubs to accommodate the same number of people like an external heater.

2. You can use a fully insulated cover as possible. A hot tub loses its heat from the top when the hot water rises. With the internal submersible heater, it’s really impossible to utilize a completely insulated cover for enough heat retention. Through a fully insulated cover, you can leave the tub in the morning and evening as the water temperature will be warm enough to have a hot tub without restarting the fire.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

3. Through the submersible hot tub heater, the water level should be maintained within inches in order to protect the water heater from being exposed and melting. The problem starts when the bather overflows the hot tub. Now before the last person leaves the hot tub, a plenty of water is needed to be added so that the water level should be brought back to the operational level. Getting out the hose and adding cold water while the bathers stay inside the hot tub until the process is done.

4. Most internal heaters are equipped with a fencing system and a heater mounted to the floor. This makes cleaning the wood fired hot tub really difficult in the heater areas. In some circumstances, you have to disassemble protective fence in order to access the floor space that can more often trap leaves, sand and grass.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

5. Providing fuel to hot tub from the outside means less debris remains in the hot tub. If you load wood over the hot tub water inevitably, it causes wood and ashes to land in the water that requires frequent cleaning. If you control the fire away from the hot tub, there is no debris particle that ends up inside the wood burning hot tubs.

Final Consideration

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs specializes providing top quality wood fired hot tubs that feature the top grade Clear Western Red Cedar. The superiority to decay and the sweat aromatic fragrance has made cedar the number one choice for hot tub construction. For immediate purchase of wood burning hot tubs, please click here.

Outdoor Hot Tubs What Points to Consider Before You Purchase Them?

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Most of you would like to relax with warm and swirling tub water and enjoy outdoor life in winter as well as summer! If you are looking to purchase the most functional outdoor hot tubs for installing on your patio or deck, you will have to consider a few important points before you make a choice.

What Points to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Hot Tubs?

Plus Points

Outdoor hot tubs give luxury of soaking with convenience of outdoor living and comfort of privacy. Unlike swimming pools, you can use them throughout the year, thus giving you great return on your investment for relaxation and recreation. Moreover, the outdoor hot tubs don’t have to get closed for the winter season, saving you on pool starting and closing kits. There are myriads of other advantages that make outdoor hot tubs worth purchased. It occupies less space and demands negligible maintenance when compared to a swimming pool, and you can easily shift it to any location. Neither a state permit is required for installation of outdoor tubs, nor is it needed to build fence it around. All you can do is put the cover and lock it up whenever it is not used outside. And finally, the hot tubs in outdoor area are a great place for mental peace: It brings perfect relaxation in outdoor surrounding, offering almost all the exclusive benefits of hydrotherapy and healing qualities of heat for patients suffering from backache and strained muscles.

Heating System

The use of electrical power sources in outdoor hot tubs will make your winter energy bill go up unexpectedly and your family won’t have as much fun as possible in a swimming pool. You can consider adding wood burning heaters to get relief from a hooping energy bill. It will suit your wooden outdoor hot tub and protect you from the hot and humid environment of an indoor spa and risk of possible damages to the ceiling, floor, walls and furniture of the spa.

Size of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tubs come in various sizes in order to accommodate different number of people. Before looking to purchase an outdoor tub, it is necessary to consider the total space you have to install it. Additionally consult with the municipality as well as your property insurer to know what distance is to be maintained between the outdoor hot tub and your house and its edge or boundary.

Then you have to consider how much seating space you want in the tub to make every user feel comfortable inside. How many members of your family or friends do you want to use the outdoor tub along with your. Rather than thinking about its potential capacity you will have to go for its actual capacity. However a 5-person tub unit will be perfect for regularly accommodating your family and frequently your friends.

Your Requirements (Budget, Lifestyle, Preference)

Select an outdoor hot tub that fits your lifestyle, preference and budget. Will you use it to relax, socialize or heal from painful muscles? For the first two purposes, a 20-jet outdoor hot tub will be appropriate or more than better, causing no loud noise. In the last case, at least a hot tub of 30 jets is required to massage your body from top to bottom and heal the aching muscles. If there is back pain, its better to go for the outdoor hot tubs having jets pointed toward the position of the spine. Remember that heart patients and pregnant women will have to avoid using these hot tubs. The total number of seats in the tub should be considered. Basically, a 5-6 person model is commendable. It is outfitted with enough jets to help massage desirable parts of your body, and you need to sit in these places to obtain body massage advantages of the jets. A 4-person outdoor hot tub will have fewer jets, and it won’t give complete massage effect to your body.

Visit website and check out the exclusive varieties of outdoor hot tubs on Cedar Tubs and learn from its expert professionals key purchase points, maintenance tips, additional care, structural alterations and more on demand by contacting it at 1-800-759-8990.

Buying a Deep Hot Tub for Therapeutic Benefits

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A few of hot tub owners often deny the pleasure of relaxing in a hot tub, but for many hot tub owners, their hot tub offers relief from joint and muscle pain as well as ensures potentially better health.

Throughout the history, people from every walk of life have enjoyed the curative delights of hydrotherapy. From the ancient Roman bathhouses to modern day spas, the enjoyment of bathing have withstood over the time.

With mental and physical benefits like increased relaxation, improved skin clarity and detoxification, an aqua therapy hot tub offers many positive benefits on the body. Modern technology includes significant enhancements to the way we bathe, which allows you to enjoy therapeutic benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Therefore, making a purchase of an aqua therapy hot tub makes sense. This type of hot tub is designed for customers who want to make the most out of a hot tub. Until now, the hot tubs were limited in their ability to move freely. However, the aqua therapy hot tub has additional design that is why it is known as deep hot tub, making it ideal for aqua therapy sessions.

This means, you can enjoy exercising in a hot tub. The specifically designed aqua seat arrangement opens up the remaining part of the hot tub that allows a comprehensive range of aqua aerobics. Your whole body can float effortlessly in this tub. It’s even possible to do simple swimming exercises like treading water.

The significance of exercising in water

Generally, exercising in water is really good for patients, especially people with osteoarthritis of the knees or hips that are the most common form of arthritis. It may improve weight loss. If any person suffering from arthritis does exercise in water, it can lead to weight loss. This may be beneficial for them.

The heat evolved from the warm water makes the movement of joint in the person with arthritis a lot easier. It is really important component of aqua-therapy. The buoyancy of water acts as a cushion that protects joints during exercise sessions.

Though water is a liquid, it offers more resistance than air, making sure that people improve muscle strength when they push against it. Medical experts also suggest considering hot water exercise in order to treat arthritis, rheumatism, varicose veins, painful joints, back disorders, and other musculature.

However, considering deep hot tub is really important for early stage of sports injury recovery. Without taking this type of precaution, joints will stiffen and muscles will shorten effortlessly. If the morning stiffness affects you, let the aqua therapy hot tub spa help you unwind after a busy schedule.

Whether you suffer from regular pain and aches or have severe debilitating physical condition, you should spend time in a deep hot tub regularly. It’s time to take advantage of immense therapeutic benefits while improving your quality lifestyle significantly.

An aqua therapy hot tub makes it really possible for you to enjoy therapeutic benefits in the comfort of your home. If you are ready to start your hot tub hydrotherapy treatment, you should invest in aqua therapy hot tub at Cedar Tubs. Our deep hot tub features:

  • Full body jets
  • Custom seats
  • Ozone and mineral ionizer
  • 11KW electric heaters or gas heaters
  • Optional vinyl liner
  • Wood accessories

For more information about our aqua therapy hot tub, benefits and specifications please  click here.

Know the Advantages of Cedar Wood Hot Tubs over the Redwood Hot Tubs

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Redwood hot tubs were initially the most favored choice for hot tub users especially in the California.  However the 2000 year old redwood plants have started to disappear due to growing demand. Efforts are now made to harvest and protect the large & magnificent redwood trees which were once seen in the west coast rain forests of the nation.  Redwood Hot Tubs are still available, but in limited numbers that are normally made from small sized farmed varieties.

The artificially grown or cultured Red Woods are not as efficient as their giant parental species.  The magnificent and giant redwood trees were once perfect for construction of hot tubs.  They can resist decay and rot due to a very small and firm ring pattern.   However, the smaller harvested redwood trees lack these properties and are proven to be less efficient in the long run. With large ring structure, they are more likely to decay fast. The hot tub industry has therefore switched to other alternative material for giving users a first rate hot bath experience.

Western Red Cedar wood is widely used by hot tub manufacturers for its superior qualities. It has been in application for centuries and offers many advantages over the farmed redwood hot tubs that are small in size and more vulnerable to decay due to loose and large ring pattern. The most prominent advantages of choosing Western Cedar Hot Tubs can be experienced in the following areas:

Style and Pattern

A cedar hot tub makes a beautiful thing for your lifestyle. The attractive shape and the appealing brown or red color of the wooden tub are not just eye pleasing but also add to the beauty of your home or yard. If investing in natural wooden materials looks essential to you, then cedar wood hot tubs are certainly preferable to the farmed redwood hot tubs. 


The cedar wood hot tubs are often chosen for two key reasons: they keep well in water, and last longer. The strength and durability of western red cedar are appreciable, that is why is used in all types of furniture and hot tubs.

Aromatic Fragrance

Since the hot tub bath experience should be appealing to the senses of users, cedar hot tubs offer another crucial advantage over the redwood hot tubs.  They give off a pleasant, aromatic fragrance due to natural oil contents when wet or hot. This pleasant scent appeals to most of the hot tub owners.

Low Cost

Since the demand increased and supply reduced, redwood hot tubs have become very costly.  Many of the redwood hot tub manufactures were seeking for an affordable wooden alternative to meet the demand in the market.  The consistent supply of eco sustainable Cedar wood from the Canadian forests has ensured them a competitive option in cedar hot tubs that are as effective as redwood hot tubs.

Expanding Property

The Western cedar wood expands when it is wet and don’t contract when it is dry, keeping all the seals intact and the hot tub full of water. In addition to its durability, this unique property has made the cedar hot tubs the most used items in the hot tub sector.

Even if attempts are made to manufacture redwood hot tubs from smaller harvested varieties, but the wood quality and function could not match with that of cedar wood.   Northern Lights Cedar Tubs has around 20 years of experience in making both red cedar and redwood hot tubs. For the last decade it was fully into western red cedar hot tub manufacturing business that has become its core expertise in Hut Tub Manufacturing and Installations. If you getting more affordable alternatives to redwood hot tubs visit our website.


Understanding Aqua Therapy Hot Tub

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Do you want more out of a hot tub? If yes, you should invest in aqua therapy hot tub. Until now hot tubs were limited in their capability to allow movement. In fact, the aqua therapy hot tub has additional dept that makes it ideal for aqua therapy.

Obviously, you can enjoy exercise in a hot tub and take advantage of its benefits. Their specially designed aqua seat arrangement opens up the remaining of the hot tub that allows you to enjoy a comprehensive range of aqua aerobics. Your entire body can float in the hot tub effortlessly. You can do simple swimming exercises like treading water.

However, the advantage of the aqua therapy hot tub is that it can be installed in different locations than no other plastic tub or spa. Just imagine trying to fit a 5 foot tall plastic spa into a fitness room in your room. Literally, you’d have to tear open the house to get the tub in.

However, Northern Lights aqua therapy tub is manufactured from western red cedar using their exceptional cooperage design. This means, it can be assembled quickly as a kit. This hot tub can be installed anywhere which has a minimum 7 ft door height opening – that will fit through almost every door in North America.

The floor comes with pre-assembled and all you need to do is to follow the easy installation instructions to assemble the walls, seat, and jets. However, the hot tub project in an average can be done in a weekend.


The Significance of Aqua Therapy Hot Tub

The medical experts consider that hot water exercise is essential to treat arthritis, rheumatism, painful joints, varicose veins, back disorders, and other musculature. It’s especially reliable option for early sports injury recovery.

Without hot tub, the joints will stiffen and muscles will shorten. If the morning stiffness impacts you, limber up in the spa before facing the day or allow the spa help you unwind after a busy day.

An aqua hot tub therapy can help you:

  • Strengthen the heart
  • Burn fat
  • Easy on the joints
  • Improve or maintain bone density
  • Work better for upper and lower body
  • Increase a range of motion
  • Improve balance, coordination, and stability
  • Release tension
  • Rehabilitate
  • Lessen arthritis pain
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Promote muscle balance
  • Minimize sports injuries
  • Improve immune system

The Importance of Aqua Therapy –

Generally, exercising in water is very good for patients as there’s less weight across the joints, especially people with Osteoarthritis of the knees or hips, the common form of arthritis. It may also improve weight less. However, aqua therapy is a perfect form of exercise for a person suffering from arthritis that can lead to losing weight.

In fact, the heat emitted from the warm water makes joint movement in the person with arthritis much easier. It’s an important component of aqua therapy. The buoyancy of water works as a cushion, ensuring joint protection during exercise routines. Though water is a liquid, it offers more resistance than air, helping people build muscle strength as they push against it.

Investing in Aqua Therapy Hot Tub –

After understanding the benefits of aqua therapy hot tub, you may have a better overview of hot tub benefits. Therefore, you should rely on Cedar Tubs, specializes in providing a comprehensive range of hot tubs and accessories at competitive prices. For more information about our aqua therapy hot tub, please visit our website.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Outdoor Hot Tubs for Your Home

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After a long hectic day at work, what could be better than sinking in your own outdoor hot tub? Outdoor hot tubs not only help you in avoiding a costly spa but also help you in having an improved sleep and fewer muscle aches! Isn’t that a great way to have a relaxed life! So are you also thinking of adding a hot tub at your backyard or garden? Then you need to take few things in consideration for buying the right kind of hot tubs!

First of all, before buying a hot tub you need to decide the location where you want to install it at your home. Factors such as electrical hookup, and close access to showers must be kept in mind as there is a great influence of these factors on the location.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Second consideration is the general electrical requirements. Smaller hot tub heaters use 120 volt outlets but the hot tub with larger autonomous unit requires a 240 volt power source along with a hard wire breaker in the electrical panel.

Thirdly, the size of the hot tub! Variety of hot tubs can be found based on size. There are hot tubs that are suitable for one person and there are family units as well that are suitable for up to 6 persons! So choose the hot tubs accordingly.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Apart from the above considerations, if you wish to enjoy music or want to read books to relax your mind while in the hot tub, the inside lighting and sound systems must be taken into consideration. So choose outdoor hot tubs keeping your personal preferences in mind.


Cedar Tubs provide a wide variety of high quality outdoor hot tubs that match your preferences. To know more visit https://www.cedartubs.com/outdoor-hot-tubs.html

Top 5 Advantages Round Hot Tub Owners Go Mad About

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The bath style is a preference or a viewpoint; the one you choose can really enhance the view of any surround.

When you need a relaxing shower after a very busy work day or while the aching muscles demand a warm soak or you want to spend some lovely moments lying beside your partner under water, the 1st idea that hits upon your mind may be a Jacuzzi, hot tub, or the swimming pool.  However, keeping confined in spas next to the heater or using a solar pool heater may not always be the convenient option. These options are long gone; a fun way out there now is to take a soak in wooden barrel tubs or round hot tubs installed at home.

These round shaped hot tubs are effective in releasing the tension in your whole body and they have therapeutic value for people suffering from health problems such as muscle pain and back pain. The round hot tubs are easy to install at anywhere that describes nothing else but pure charm and their affordable cost gives buyers a perfect entry level spa for a deep warm soaking effect.

Most of the round hot tubs are made in circular shapes only not to have limited seating arrangement and be able to comfortably accommodate a number of people who prefer to sit in a circular position, pointing their feet to the center of the tub. They can face each other while sitting and having fun next to each other.

The round hot tubs are easy place anywhere from a lawn, yard or maybe on the deck. When not in use, water can be drained out of it within a couple of minutes. They are even made of a wide range of materials, giving a fantastic soaking experience to the users whenever desired.

Before you expect to shop for the best round hot tub, browse online and do extensive research on varieties that would be the most effective choice for your soaking needs all year round.

 A round hot tub can be your haven for having fun with your close friends. There are some advantages of using a round hot tub too. ​The best ones that round hot tub owners go mad about are as follows:

  • Portability or Mobility
  • It is the major characteristic feature that makes Round Hot Tubs a hot favorite for owners. Unlike stable and permanently fixed hot tubs, the round hot tub can be taken anywhere you want, even for your weekend escape.
  • Fun Unlimited with Great Outside View
  • It is possible to have unlimited fun indoor and outdoor enjoying the fantastic view around with a sip of wine!
  • Stress Remover
  • With the choice of a round hot tub, you can have a dream soak and jet bubbling (massage), readily available at home. Some of them even come with heating timers which you can pre-set and have a splash in the tub at your own convenience.
  • Party Asset
  • For party lovers, a round hot tub could be a great item for celebration in all seasons! Since some of them are coming with seating arrangement for up to 8 people, your party can really rock with friends.
  • Affordability
  • Quality, comfortable and durable round hot tubs are available for a few hundred dollars.

 Cedar Tubs could be your ultimate destination if you’re already looking to purchase a new round hot tub or spa. With an extensive collection and a multitude of options you may feel a bit overwhelmed but experts of Cedar Tubs are ready to help you at any time. To pick up the best of round hot tubs on offer, call Cedar Tubs at +1 (800) 759-8990 or mail it at !

Make Your Weekend Relaxing With Outdoor Hot Tubs

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You can have hundreds of ways to get relax after hectic working day. If it is not possible for outing in everyday, weekend is must to wipe out all the tiredness and anxiety. If you are experiencing summer, some of the people flock to beach and sea in order to beat the heat of harassing summer. Few people also, prefer to enjoy a camp outside from their city. During this time, they engage themselves in their favorite activities. If you love to stay at your home at the weekend, here is a sweet and perfect idea to spend your day with a great relaxation.

Outdoor hot tub

From thousands of options, select a warm bath in a hot tub! This is not only relaxing but also it will refresh you completely. Few people those love hot tub, they prefer to stay indoor. It is quite true for extend that, indoor hit bath tubs are compliment to the indoor décor. If your home is compact, such type of indoor hot tubs is not certainly a good idea. You shouldn’t add another bathtub as furniture is already there and you are experiencing clumsy. To come out from this issue, you should go for outdoor hot tubs.


Benefits from outdoor hot tubs

There are a number of benefits from outdoor hot tubs. It is true that, spending five to six working days is stressful. You just need to get relaxation in weekend. This is what exactly; the outdoor bath tub will assist you. Nothing will be comparable while spending a warm time in those bath tubs. While you will dip yourself, the warm water relaxes you by reliving all the stress you had earned from your work.

Out Door Hot Tubs

Apart from relaxation, there are a number of health benefits. Different type of health issues like arthritis or any other joint pain will be reduced while you are taking deep bath at these tubs. The heat generated by warm water, will speedy up blood circulation to arthritic joints and this is very essential for reducing inflammation.  Apart from them, if you are a sports man, you may experience several mild injuries in your training. Outdoor hot bath tub is the right way to go for getting relaxation from such daily injuries. Additionally, you will find the hot jetted tub in your backyard, is the extremely wonderful outdoor view. It is truly amazing while taking dip at your hot tub during the starry night. So choose the right supplier today and get the bath tub installed at your home. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!

How To Give The Best Treatment To Your Outdoor Hot Tub? 7 Awesome Tips

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Being a hot tub owner, you must know that it isn’t all about reading, drinking and relaxing in your hot tub. You should take care of it as well! That means, cleaning it, testing it, adding chemicals, and making certain it is safe for the users.

Listed here in this post are 7 awesome outdoor hot tub maintenance tips that you may want to execute to make sure your hot tub performs in its full potency for several years.

outdoor hot tub

Use pantyhose on the refills of your hot tub:

When it’s much needed to drain & fill again a hot tub, cover up the lower return inlets with nylons to seize the re-circulating trash and stop it from coming back into the filtration system.

Use bleach & water to clean the cover of your outdoor hot tub:

Covers of outdoor hot tubs are infamous for producing a mildew or musty stink after some time. That is why it is essential to keep them clean & free from these stinking odors.

Prepare a combination of bleach (10 percent) and water (90 percent) to wipe out the base of the hot tub cover every 50-60 days. This’ll certainly help prevent hot tub covers from producing that stale odor that everybody dislikes.

Make use of an enzyme product:

To maintain your hot tub, it’s pretty helpful to make use of a spa enzyme product on a frequent basis. Enzyme products help in breaking down fatty lipids and also help the cleaning chemicals work better. Also, enzymes are ideal for keeping the filter clean & preventing the obnoxious “scummy line” that can build up around the top.

Don’t use household chemicals while cleaning your hot tub:

Stay away from household chemicals while cleaning your hot tub shell – rather you should employ a chemical that’s specifically made for hot tubs. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better!

Make the most of off-peak heating:

You can take advantage of off-peak heating to decrease your power consumption/heating bills. If you aren’t sure about your off-peak hours, check out with your utility supplier to find the details. If you have a well insulated hot tub, you generally can program it to heat mainly when you power costs are the lowest.

Use white vinegar for cleaning the jets:

Make use of white vinegar for cleaning the jets and valves if they experience excess accumulation of calcium.

Add spa chemicals with caution:

Incorporating spa chemicals into a small water body can be very challenging since adding in excess amount can prompt major changes in chemistry. It is essential to precisely gauge any chemical required based on the gallons of water in the tub to avoid equipment or skin damage.

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is your one-stop solution if you are looking for outdoor hot tubs of the highest quality. We supply the finest traditional wooden hot tubs with the most heating options available in the industry. All our tubs are made using only clear Grade “A” cedar ensuring there are no loops that can lead to warping or produce leaks. Contact us at+1(800)-759-8990 if you’ve any question regarding our products.

Ofuro Tubs:Make a Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom Remodeling?

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Do you like to have a deep soak with a heavenly feel in a tub filled with warm, comforting water, but don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a large American or European style bathtub? Despite your small size bathroom, you can still have a balanced spiritual bath experience just like the Japanese do with Ofuro Tubs. 

Japanese traditional bath includes Ofuro tubs that are perfect for installing in your small bathroom. These bathtubs are no doubt a space-saving option for getting a purely relaxing soak away from daily stress without using a large space of your bathroom. The Ofuro tubs are small yet deep barrel-shaped bathtubs that can sit in little available space of your bathroom while allowing your body to merge completely up to the neck for a highly relaxing, refreshing experience.

Ofuro Tubs

Unlike general tubs, Ofuro tubs assure a daily treat of intense soaking for your body coupled with steam/ humidity, air, water, and earth. Your bath will be invigorated by four natural elements; the flame of wood-fired heaters, water in the barrel tub, hot steam and the wood to help keep you healthy in body and mind. Another special feature of the Ofuro tubs is they are intended to be used after proper clean up of your body, saving you from changing the water more often.

Want to know why Ofuro tubs are right for your bathroom remodeling? These elegantly crafted deep bathtubs provide a bath experience different from that of Muslims and Europeans. Their simple elegance, traditional design, and high depth come together for an ultra-modern luxury. Ofuro tubs are available in Canada red cedar, cypress wood and many other varieties for a pleasant soaking experience in the life. You need to know what features the Ofuro tub should have for a satisfactory soaking experience, and what should be its exact model to fit into your existing bathroom design which has little space or still in the process of construction.

Ofuro Tubs

Ofuro tubs will suit your bathroom even if it is inspired by“Zen” bathroom designs and can be considered for a perfect synchronization of body and mind in your private space which is too congested. With a Japanese root, these exclusive bathtubs ensure perfect purification of the body with effective blood circulation.

Though Ofuro tubs are relatively shorter in length than traditional Western varieties, you can have them in different shapes, styles, and products. Imagine a red cedar wood Ofuro tub with its aromatic smell and unique appeal, adding to your bathroom’s layout. They are made upright so that you can sit comfortably in very deep water for a perfectly pleasurable bath. 

Ofuro Tubs

While available in 1-2 seat versions, the Ofuro tubs can take less space in your bathroom, normally using half of the space of what a traditional rectangular tub requires. These tubs are not just space saving, but also cost savings solutions for a warm soak, as they don’t require as much water as a regular Western bathtub.

If you want to pamper yourself with an intense warm soak, Ofuro tubs of Northern Lights Cedar Tubs can be a great choice. They are available in 3 different designs and with 3 heating options to fit into your home or business. For a pure cleansing experience with deep insertion of the body in a tub, consider booking Ofuro tubs with Northern Lights Cedar Tubs at 1-800-759-8990 today!